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About us

Smart Visions is an internationally acclamied institute imparting fun and stress free learning and brain development program . Smart Visions do provide a wide choice of online and offline classes for Abacus, Vedic Math and Olympiad across the world.
Smart visions is fully committed and passionately devoted to provide quality education to the kids and extending whole hearted support to the kids. The most important things about smart visions are we don’t tutor; we inspire, motivate and enhance the grasping skills of kids. The courses are designed so carefully that no student will feel stress. Smart visions classes are not confined to mere teaching only. We carryout different activities like brain gym to activate the neurons. Memory cards to improve the memory retention skills in children. Speed writing to improve cognitive skills and increase the self-confidence and quickness of decision making.

Why Smart Visions?

* Trained and experienced teachers .
* Online as well as offline classes.
* Small class size & Flexible time table.
* Orientation to parents.
* Regular updates about students’ progress.
* Online question bank to practice daily.

Our Courses


An abacus is a mechanical device used to assist a person in performing mathematical calculations and counting. A word derives from the Greek word ABAX. The Abacus first started in Central Asia.
Before computers, calculators, or even arithmetic using paper and pencil, the abacus was the most advanced device for crunching numbers. Before the abacus, the only methods people had to use for their mathematical calculations were their fingers and toes, or stones in the dirt.

* Concentration
* Memory Retention
* Visualization
* Logical and Reasoning ability
* Listening Skill
* Photographic Memory
* Creativity

4 to 12years

Vedic Math

Vedic mathematics is an ancient system of mathematics originated in India and derived from Atharv ved It's based on 16 formulas.

* Improve speed and accuracy.
* Have Fun with competition.
* Beat your competition.
* Cultivates interest in numbers and figures.
* Improves mental agility and intelligence.

10 years onwards

Spoken English

‘Spoken English’ is English that is spoken by people to converse and communicate. It comprises the usage of words, phrases and sentences verbally in order to communicate or express ideas or feelings to people around us. Learning spoken English has become important as it enables us to communicate easily with citizens all around the globe. Like every other language, it has a set of structural rules that need to be adhered to in order to make English conversation meaningful and effective.

* Connect with New People. * Improve Your writting Skills
* Better English reading skills
* Enhance Your listening skills & Speaking skill
* Increased Brainpower.

All Age groups

Arts & Crafts

This arts and craft class is a fun way to introduce students to art and recycling. Many of the crafts that we will be doing will be use things like toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, cereal boxes, water bottles etc. Art & crafts will get increasingly challenging, allowing the student to grow and learn.

* Improve decision making
* self confidence
* Enhances problem-solving skills
* Reduces stress
* Concentration
* Patience

4 to 12 years

Math Olympiad

Olympiad is mainly aims to discover the latent potential of kids and motivate them to nurture the skill and yield in life. Smart visions initiate this program to empower the young minds and enhance the problem solving skills rather than imposing rote learning on them.

* Analytical thinking
* Problem-solving ability
* Testing students aptitude
* Motivate yourself to learn new math

4 years and above

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Call us +91-7982119293,7064470232

We are located at F-79A, 3rd floor, Deep Vihar, Near Sec-24, Rohini, Delhi-42.

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